Want to invest in a product which will become increasingly rare in the coming years?

Are you annoyed at seeing your investments in stocks, bonds, currency, property and other assets lose their value, while interest rates remain at historic lows for year after year?

Now is the right time to invest in diamonds and diversify your investments with an alternative asset class.

Investing in diamonds is increasingly becoming a great investment opportunity and provides a safe haven for nervous cash. Use our expertise to find the right investment for your needs.

The Supply Side of Rough Diamonds

Diamond mines are running out and there are no new large mines coming on stream.

Meanwhile, demand is growing, especially from China, India and other Eastern emerging markets.

Emerging markets, especially in India, China and South-East Asia, are following Western trends for bridal and other diamond jewelry, to mark important milestones in life and that is creating rising demand.

Basis economics says that diamond prices will rise as demand rises and supply falls. There has never been a better time to invest in diamonds.

What Are The advantages Of Investing In Diamonds
  • Diamonds are a store of value which continuously rises in the long run 
  • Diamonds are portable and easily transported 
  • Their value is recognized around the world 
  • They are highly liquid meaning they can be quickly turned into cash whenever you want to sell them 
  • The world's major diamond producers manage their supplies to the market responsibly to ensure diamond prices remain high and keep rising 
Investing In Fancy Colored Diamonds – Beautiful And Rare
  • Only 1 in around 10,000 diamonds are fancy colored stones. 
  • Prices of fancy colored diamonds have been especially strong and secured high prices at auctions at Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Bonhams. 
  • Fancy colored diamonds are popular and desired across the globe. They have been collected and traded by royalty for hundreds of years. 
  • Prices have increased over the past 30 years at least. The results of auctions prove the strength of fancy colored diamonds as they consistently break price records at the major auction houses. 
  • Unlike all other investment options, diamond jewelry can be worn and loved and appreciated while continuously rising in price. 
  • Fancy colored diamonds have no fixed price. Their rarity is what determines market value. The Argyle mine in Australia, where almost all of the world's most valuable pink diamonds are mined, will close it in 2018 as the diamonds run out. 
Why Invest in Diamonds With Gil Kimchi
  • We deal in the type of diamonds that have always risen in price – top-make diamonds of high color and clarity 
  • We are completely transparent in the way we operate and will always search for the diamonds that exactly fit your portfolio 
  • We help you select the right stones for investment in terms of quality, with diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America – the world's major diamond grading lab. These certificates are recognized around the world 
  • We provide a complete investment solution, including handling, secure and safe storage and insurance, as well as complete transparency in buying and selling the stones 
  • We understand investors' desire to make money and the need for an experienced diamond company to guide you. We will show you where the investment opportunities are and how to make a profit. 
  • Our experience in the polished market means we will guide you to the best investment opportunity 

Contact us now for a no-obligation consultation and find out how we can get your portfolio moving strongly upwards